Hi, I’m Rosen Slavchev, young
System Administrator & DevOps engineer.

About me

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young ambitious motivated dedicated
Victoria Concordia Crescit

A young System administrator and DevOps engineer. I have been working on both roles over the past 3 years and continue to do it. During the journey, I added freelancing in my career book. Working for someone may feel really good but working for yourself is always the best choice. My last adventure is related to IT project management. I have always been on the technical side of the things but I decided to make my move on the other side. Still, the end goal is far, far away. Right now you will find me in the middle between technology and management. Both of them on their own aren't as exciting as when they meet together. I constantly strive to understand and balance both, so that I can create useful and meaningful things for people. If you are interested in me or my work, check my blog or my CV!

Skills & Services

I’m specialised in

System Administration

I have experience in creating both simple and complex infrastructures. I prefer Linux based servers but I work with Windows Server/OSX/AIX/Solaris as well. In addition, I can effectively lower your cost by setting up virtualization for you.


I have strong background in the DevOps environment. I can create for you fully automated pipeline from which you can design and implement your products. You can choose from CI / CD pipeline from small to enterprise products. My preferred technologies are Jenkins, Maven, JAVA, Python, Git, Bash, Puppet, REST and Linux.

Penetration Testing

Simulating a cyberattack under controlled conditions is the best way to know how potential intruders will actually approach networks. I can deliver network, web application and social engineering engagements to evaluate the cybersecurity level of the key systems and infrastructure of my clients.

Project Management

The Project Manager is responsible for the planning, implementation and tracking of a specific part of the project, while ensuring that the teams involved have optimal working conditions to reach the production objectives. You need a PM for your infrastrucutre / web / dev project? Contact me for more details.

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